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Thai Massage and Burmese Massage

Although massage is an enjoyable experience however, it isn't a substitute for routine medical treatment. If you're contemplating getting a massage, talk with your physician about the advantages and dangers of the treatment. It is recommended to consult with a physician in case you are suffering from cancer or undiagnosed pain. When you receive a massage, you should tell your masseuse about any health conditions because some types of massage can cause an increase in soreness later on. If you feel pain during the massage, make sure that you communicate this to your masseuse. If you notice anything like a tight muscle, let your masseuse know immediately. Request a referral in case there are any questions.


Thai and Burmese massages have a lot in common. They use both downward pressure, and cross-fibres to stimulate meridians of energy. This allows for more deep relaxing of the fascia. It is a Burmese massage starts with the feet and works until the legs. In the average, a 2-hour massage is about 80 minutes working on the lower parts of your body. Some practitioners may focus on specific areas that the body has, it's recommended to discuss your needs prior to booking an appointment.

Traditional Burmese massage is focused on the soles of your feet. It is a massage that treats every part of the body , from head to foot. The tension can be felt on the soles of your feet. The Ko Min Soe also offers advice on exercises to strengthen the muscles of your feet. A two-hour massage will take around 80 minutes to work on the lower body. Consider the duration of the massage prior to you choose the masseuse. Prior to the session, give enough time for you to prepare, dress and relax.

Traditional Burmese massages are extremely beneficial to relieve back tension. This holistic treatment targets the whole body as well as the soles. The Burmese massage will concentrate specifically on the feet, as they're the most sensitive points in tension. Doctors may also recommend exercises for patients to practice at home. The feeling of relaxation and rejuvenation will be felt following the massage. This massage will also increase your digestion as well as the mobility.

If you're visiting Thailand You can locate an establishment that offers massages in your city. Most people are happy to get a massage. Make sure you do research and find out all possible about advantages of this traditional massage. Keep in mind that massage therapy has been a part of Thai tradition since the beginning of time. Its popularity is unmatched worldwide and you shouldn't be hesitant to try it. Thai massage is among the most well-known types of massage.

The Burmese massage is very similar to a Thai massage, however it concentrates on those Thai Sen energy meridians. These lines are massaged using the cross-fibre technique. This method of massaging is very effective in relieving stress. It's not recommended to those suffering from internal injuries. It can cause pain when it is prolonged.

A Burmese massage is very similar to Thai massages, however it concentrates more on the soles of the feet. It is extremely sensitive to meridians. This massage style is similar with Thai massage. The combination of stretching and the acupressure technique creates a healing effect. Pressure from cross-fibres is applied on the meridians which aids in the release of tension. Like all massages, the Burmese is extremely effective at improving the range of motion and easing tension.

A Burmese massage is very similar to a Thai massage. However, it concentrates on the same meridians and is built on the Sen lines that are found in India. Cross-fibre pressure is also applied to the lines in order to relax them. It is very like Thai massage. Burmese massages are designed to target soles and feet. There are a variety of meridians that comprise the body.

Traditional Burmese massage is similar to Thai massage. This massage targets the energy meridians of the legs and feet. It improves the flow of blood, decreases stress as well as helping people to sleep more soundly. If the patient is suffering due to an internal injury the massage will not be effective. Burmese masseuses don't appreciate the treatment. In fact, it's not required to shell out money for a massage to benefit from it.